Elcer Company is the sole Polish manufacturer of ceramic infrared radiators of the following types:

• ECS (spherical radiation area)
• ECP (flat radiation area),
• ECZ and ECY (bulb type radiation area).

Ceramic infrared radiators are heaters made of highly refractory material with heating coil embedded inside the heater body, which use heat radiation effect. Depending on electrical power output they emit electromagnetic wave in length from 1 to 1 10 mm. ECS and ECP series radiators are equipped with fastening staples in stainless steel, ECZ and ECY series radiators are provided with Edison thread E27. Radiators can be equipped with "K" series thermocouple (NiCr-NiAl). ceramic heaters The scope of applications of ceramic radiators in the first place includes the following:

- plastics processing (vacuum thermo-molding)

- heating people in rooms

- drying in thermohardening painting processes

- grilling and drying of food products

- and many other.